Η πίστη μου στην ανθρωπότητα κάθε μέρα μειώνεται.

ab kaloo aaeiou rae

Now, the Dark Age of Kali Yuga has come.

Kali Yuga at its high times, goals like a refrigerator, – a full one for sure,  –  does it sound sexy to you? Welcome to protozoan club.  And all these obsessions around the body are also ZO disappointing.  Protozoan’s life is in the air, have this, have that. No tits – draw them. Shape your vagina, shave this, shave that. When you have ALL THAT shaved and a sun tan, – you go to SUCH places, with the VIP’s shitheads. And that is all what all want – be VIP or be with the VIP.  Protozoan calls that ILLUMINATI. Who, the bankers are illuminati? For god’s sake.

I thought a diamond is my brain, like a diamond in a coil, – once you dig for your diamond, – it will shine, – I had that crazy idea from my childhood.  My brain is a diamond in a coil and I dig for it. The only diamond I digged for the whole my life.

Kali Yuga makes me sad and hopeless. Talk to the people around you, WHAT IS THAT LANGUAGE of discounts, lawyers, sheisse language of politics and oikonomologists, bookkeepers and bankers. Language is divine and sacred, as my diamond in ma head is divine and sacred. As water, light, Hestia and food is divine and sacred.

The attributes of Kali Yuga, the rulers will wave the balls στολισμένα με τα διαμάντια επάνω τα κεφάλια μας.  trumps, putins, ergodans are the rulers of the world? My World is ruled by banks? Gurus are not anymore respected.  Protozoan rules, only penises and vaginas on its feet, no guts, no brain.

Τα πρωτόζωα είναι υποσύνολο των μονοκύτταρων ευκαρυωτικών οργανισμών, πολλά από τα οποία είναι κινητικά.  Thank you Wik. 

Τα πρωτοζώων έχουν αυτόβουλη κίνηση, as trumps, putins, erdogans,  kim jong-uns, tsiprakia and the rest the prtozoan that want my respect and yours too.

I better die homeless, penniless on the street, without a full refrigerator than I see diamond’ balls waving above me head.  Kunja mamao.

Jah bless One Love

ore the diamonds balls and chain.



This human being just threw me with police out to the street. Calling me a “homeless” this shit called me that = Dimitris Katsimanis,  Because I do not suck his little prick. He supposed to be an actor.

 #homeless #prick #cancer


Raining raining raining… Raining for ours, for days, for a month.

Lately the news are so unclear and uninspiring that it is better not to follow them at all. Though it is difficult everybody just criticizing again and making

FUN of the new government that was elected by the people.

As usual, as thousands years ago.

All that really block me,

bad weather,

bad politics,

humor about politics.

I have living-life block. Je suis une flâneuse.

A drifter.

Glamorous meaning of the past,

leisure , the idler, the urban explorer, the connoisseur of the street.

 free. I feel least free than ever. Chained by the thoughts

 feelings chain of an Austrian soldier chained to his cannon in the WWI.

deaf deaf lately, self-analyzing

 pain and sorrow.  society. Depressing? As hell!

 hell of loneliness and despair of facade-less burger-shops, museums,

access WiFi ,  warm , no need to communicate with anybody.

Faceless, tasteless, timeless spaces.

My tongue travels and tastes the word with a relish LO -NE – LI (front teeth) –

NE (upper gum) –

SS (loneliness hisses at me).

Welcome to my ΟΙΚΟΥΜΕΝΗ


did I really wrote it?


Women from all over the world, including Africa, are feeling like V-Day is only interested in making inroads off of the backs of other women  and is not actually interested in amplifying the work that has already been happening. This is very much colonial and racist behavior. The aim remains ostensibly the same: to foster a space in which women can, in Gloria Steinem’s words, “[say] the unsayable”.  I can name cunt whatever whenever I want. 




και τα μαγικά μανιτάρια. Το ίδιο πολλαπλασιάζονται γρήγορα οπός τα πρωτόζωα. Είναι ΕΠΙΚΊΝΔΥΝΑ – φαίνονται ως ΆΝΘΡΩΠΟΙ; Police?

Ο Αυτιστικός περιμένει τον Πρωτόζωον να τον βρει την γκόμενα.





Would you like to know about the addiction? And that how the kids die from that shit? Because of the denial. From undereducation. Under educated parents, under educated everyone around. The whole society is sick. The disease of denial and then wondering, – oh, my kid is an addict!


Η Ελληνική γλωσσά είναι διαμάντι, το εγκέφαλό είναι το μοναδικό διαμάντι, η Ελληνική Εκκλησιά είναι διαμάντι, η Ελληνική γραφειοκρατεία είναι διαμάντια στις Ελβετικές τρουπεζες. Τα πρωτόζωα / οι μονοκύτταροι/ άκυτταροι  οργανισμοί  σε ανθρωπινή εμφάνιση είναι επικίνδυνα. Τι άλλο;

Μπαίνεις στα γραφεία ΔΕΗ< ΕΥΔΑΠ <ΚΕΠ<ΕΥΦΟΡΙΑ<ΕΝΦΙΑ


Και αυτοί που κουνιούνται στα γραφεία τους είναι επικίνδυνα πρωτόζωα  με τα έντερα κιόλας.  Τρυφηλή ζωή itches