Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για stalin and saint valentine

This year St. Valentine’s day was the weirdest ever. The whole day I was fighting with my two Daddies and my dog Mo. I was nervous because I have cut all the toxic fluids and smokes into my body. My Two Daddies are just growing old, so, it is expected from them to be weird and clumsy sometimes. But me… especially before my period I transubstantiate  into black magic witch cursing and swearing.  It was a chain of unfortunate fights that lead nowhere. Couldn’t help it although completely aware of that is wrong. When we got all exhausted I rushed to my Illuminati group to spit it all out and meditate. Felt peace after the treat and calmness.

When I have reached the house I received a phone call from ex boyfriend n2 of mine. He was first just inviting me to his house then I figured out his mother is at the hospital with some heart situation. I got really worried. Hungry and tired as I was, I went to meet my ex n2. While I was waiting at the hospital I have received from my another ex n1 (long time ago) a phone call. He was asking me about CBD oil and THC oil, his aunt got a cancer. And I was asking him in return about the heart doctors, – his father was recently operated.  Then the third ex phoned me and told me his mother hears voices, some problem of the old age. He was also asking me to find an apartment for him to rent.

I was back home at 4 a.m. after the hospital dead tired. Just today realised that all three ex’s never ever telephone me and it is like that for years.  What a bedbug has bitten them all on this Valentine night? And they would not stop speaking, middle age crisis?

It was pure manipulation  without a cause.




Μια μητέρα που χρειαζότανε ΒΟΉΘΕΙΑ σκότωσε το παιδί της 17 ετών και αυτοκτόνησε. Το κορίτσι φώναξε για την ΒΟΉΘΕΙΑ και νοικοκυραίοι-γείτονες το άκουσαν και? Ήρθαν μετά όταν πεθάναν και οι δυο να καλέσουν την αστυνομία.

Όπως και εγώ σήμερα στις 3 μμ. στην Κωλέττης/Ζωοδόχου Πηγής που με χτύπησε συστηματικά ένας άντρας. Όλοι μαλών enjoyed the circus. Πήρα για πλάκα το 100, – όλοι γνωρίζουν 100 στην Εξάρχεια. Even more Circuς. Μπράβο ολόκληρη Κωλέττη street. πρισμενα.

Πυρήνες της φωτιάς is a JOKE. Eksarcheia shit is a JOKE. Rich kids are comming from their neighbourhoods to enjoy “Freedom”. As Alex the Kid that was shot was A RICH KID.


και 100 βαψη


Al_Jeekree and Toxy in a car.

Al in doubt
– Toxy, you schmack, and shmack, you triple smac, counia manman’w, godverdomme, nizutapeye, can you stop spitting on … whatever you are spitting on?! Carnival, que guapo, uniform is their fetish, man.

T reacts in slow pace, – Wha?!


Poison them all Tox, poison ’em all.

T opens car’s door and in a soft voice.

You lil post-shrink! Let’s take a walk.





Η πίστη μου στην ανθρωπότητα κάθε μέρα μειώνεται.

ab kaloo aaeiou rae

Now, the Dark Age of Kali Yuga has come.

Kali Yuga at its high times, goals like a refrigerator, – a full one for sure,  –  does it sound sexy to you? Welcome to protozoan club.  And all these obsessions around the body are also ZO disappointing.  Protozoan’s life is in the air, have this, have that. No tits – draw them. Shape your vagina, shave this, shave that. When you have ALL THAT shaved and a sun tan, – you go to SUCH places, with the VIP’s shitheads. And that is all what all want – be VIP or be with the VIP.  Protozoan calls that ILLUMINATI. Who, the bankers are illuminati? For god’s sake.

I thought a diamond is my brain, like a diamond in a coil, – once you dig for your diamond, – it will shine, – I had that crazy idea from my childhood.  My brain is a diamond in a coil and I dig for it. The only diamond I digged for the whole my life.

Kali Yuga makes me sad and hopeless. Talk to the people around you, WHAT IS THAT LANGUAGE of discounts, lawyers, sheisse language of politics and oikonomologists, bookkeepers and bankers. Language is divine and sacred, as my diamond in ma head is divine and sacred. As water, light, Hestia and food is divine and sacred.

The attributes of Kali Yuga, the rulers will wave the balls στολισμένα με τα διαμάντια επάνω τα κεφάλια μας.  trumps, putins, ergodans are the rulers of the world? My World is ruled by banks? Gurus are not anymore respected.  Protozoan rules, only penises and vaginas on its feet, no guts, no brain.

Τα πρωτόζωα είναι υποσύνολο των μονοκύτταρων ευκαρυωτικών οργανισμών, πολλά από τα οποία είναι κινητικά.  Thank you Wik. 

Τα πρωτοζώων έχουν αυτόβουλη κίνηση, as trumps, putins, erdogans,  kim jong-uns, tsiprakia and the rest the prtozoan that want my respect and yours too.

I better die homeless, penniless on the street, without a full refrigerator than I see diamond’ balls waving above me head.  Kunja mamao.

Jah bless One Love

ore the diamonds balls and chain.


Raining raining raining… Raining for ours, for days, for a month.

Lately the news are so unclear and uninspiring that it is better not to follow them at all. Though it is difficult everybody just criticizing again and making

FUN of the new government that was elected by the people.

As usual, as thousands years ago.

All that really block me,

bad weather,

bad politics,

humor about politics.

I have living-life block. Je suis une flâneuse.

A drifter.

Glamorous meaning of the past,

leisure , the idler, the urban explorer, the connoisseur of the street.

 free. I feel least free than ever. Chained by the thoughts

 feelings chain of an Austrian soldier chained to his cannon in the WWI.

deaf deaf lately, self-analyzing

 pain and sorrow.  society. Depressing? As hell!

 hell of loneliness and despair of facade-less burger-shops, museums,

access WiFi ,  warm , no need to communicate with anybody.

Faceless, tasteless, timeless spaces.

My tongue travels and tastes the word with a relish LO -NE – LI (front teeth) –

NE (upper gum) –

SS (loneliness hisses at me).

Welcome to my ΟΙΚΟΥΜΕΝΗ


did I really wrote it?


Women from all over the world, including Africa, are feeling like V-Day is only interested in making inroads off of the backs of other women  and is not actually interested in amplifying the work that has already been happening. This is very much colonial and racist behavior. The aim remains ostensibly the same: to foster a space in which women can, in Gloria Steinem’s words, “[say] the unsayable”.  I can name cunt whatever whenever I want. 


Η Ελληνική γλωσσά είναι διαμάντι, το εγκέφαλό είναι το μοναδικό διαμάντι, η Ελληνική Εκκλησιά είναι διαμάντι, η Ελληνική γραφειοκρατεία είναι διαμάντια στις Ελβετικές τρουπεζες. Τα πρωτόζωα / οι μονοκύτταροι/ άκυτταροι  οργανισμοί  σε ανθρωπινή εμφάνιση είναι επικίνδυνα. Τι άλλο;

Μπαίνεις στα γραφεία ΔΕΗ< ΕΥΔΑΠ <ΚΕΠ<ΕΥΦΟΡΙΑ<ΕΝΦΙΑ


Και αυτοί που κουνιούνται στα γραφεία τους είναι επικίνδυνα πρωτόζωα  με τα έντερα κιόλας.  Τρυφηλή ζωή itches


Death is more welcome our days than ever. We are finally six (fock) XXI c. 7 billions, aren’t we? The human. Other species are being exterminated.  Like I would castrate meself and the half of the world just in case the other’s people children survive. Is it not all about the future and the future generations?

Let’s brag about what is going in the world. We are beautiful strong and taller than ever. Any kind of crisis is artificial (fact), c’mn  we ain’t stupid even if we are from a remote village of Tibet, Lithuania, Afghanistan, Siberia or Syria.  So why not just travel to the remote stars and live the Earth for peace and quite. One bomb – one seat to Mars.

Toxicana Cyber


Or The genuine Chinese torture


After the funeral at the 1st cemetery of Athens, of Mr. Nitsos who had been a publisher of the magazine “THEATRO”. After the funeral we went to a Chinese restaurant next Royal Olympic hotel, for a soup. My friend went downstairs to wash his hands. In meanwhile I have ordered for a soup, 20 E and some spicy octopus 15 E, we talk for two persons. I ask the waitress if they have Chinese bear, her answer is “NO”.  So, bring whatever. The cupboard of a man, Chinese cashier or a bouncer starts calling me “PUTANA” and “Ade gamisu” (hoer. fuck you). My friend got out of the toilet and was very surprised to see that a tattooed bouncer is swearing at me. We got out and I ve smashed the window.  Photo included. The Βouncer all the time screaming at me “PUTANA RUMANA”, though I have told him I am from Israel. My friend was in between us while waiting for the police. The fucker wanted to beat me. In any case when the Bouncer heard at the police station what all that costs (one night at the police station  and 100 E to sew me) . When the price of window is 20 E. He calmed down. I offended the fucker “Fucking Chinese” after “putana”.  And what the fuck is wrong to be Romanian? We are all fine people whatever color.