Al_Jeekree and Toxy in a car.

Al in doubt
– Toxy, you schmack, and shmack, you triple smac, counia manman’w, godverdomme, nizutapeye, can you stop spitting on … whatever you are spitting on?! Carnival, que guapo, uniform is their fetish, man.

T reacts in slow pace, – Wha?!


Poison them all Tox, poison ’em all.

T opens car’s door and in a soft voice.

You lil post-shrink! Let’s take a walk.





Η πίστη μου στην ανθρωπότητα κάθε μέρα μειώνεται.

ab kaloo aaeiou rae

Now, the Dark Age of Kali Yuga has come.

Kali Yuga at its high times, goals like a refrigerator, – a full one for sure,  –  does it sound sexy to you? Welcome to protozoan club.  And all these obsessions around the body are also ZO disappointing.  Protozoan’s life is in the air, have this, have that. No tits – draw them. Shape your vagina, shave this, shave that. When you have ALL THAT shaved and a sun tan, – you go to SUCH places, with the VIP’s shitheads. And that is all what all want – be VIP or be with the VIP.  Protozoan calls that ILLUMINATI. Who, the bankers are illuminati? For god’s sake.

I thought a diamond is my brain, like a diamond in a coil, – once you dig for your diamond, – it will shine, – I had that crazy idea from my childhood.  My brain is a diamond in a coil and I dig for it. The only diamond I digged for the whole my life.

Kali Yuga makes me sad and hopeless. Talk to the people around you, WHAT IS THAT LANGUAGE of discounts, lawyers, sheisse language of politics and oikonomologists, bookkeepers and bankers. Language is divine and sacred, as my diamond in ma head is divine and sacred. As water, light, Hestia and food is divine and sacred.

The attributes of Kali Yuga, the rulers will wave the balls στολισμένα με τα διαμάντια επάνω τα κεφάλια μας.  trumps, putins, ergodans are the rulers of the world? My World is ruled by banks? Gurus are not anymore respected.  Protozoan rules, only penises and vaginas on its feet, no guts, no brain.

Τα πρωτόζωα είναι υποσύνολο των μονοκύτταρων ευκαρυωτικών οργανισμών, πολλά από τα οποία είναι κινητικά.  Thank you Wik. 

Τα πρωτοζώων έχουν αυτόβουλη κίνηση, as trumps, putins, erdogans,  kim jong-uns, tsiprakia and the rest the prtozoan that want my respect and yours too.

I better die homeless, penniless on the street, without a full refrigerator than I see diamond’ balls waving above me head.  Kunja mamao.

Jah bless One Love

ore the diamonds balls and chain.



Greek lover loving is being stabbed by a knife into my arterial vein. If he so supposed to love you, not just for partouza. I mean not just for sex. I mean SEX. Love SEX  a lot. Sounds funny “just for sex:” at the end of the day nobody loves me.

Back off Greek lovers.

p.s. Terrible



– What do you want from me I do not understand! You are repeatedly telling me for four months that you are here for me like a rock. I have believed in that nu-sense. And now what I see that you can not commit to anybody. Unveil the truth. You are not a rock you are my rock bottom because I see that I am completely fucked up, I am misjudging people for my disadvantage.

Toxicana was gesticulating desperately yelling at the guy of middle age slightly bald with the babies cheeks and a middle age’s chin, slim and rather tall for a Greek. He would look younger and more handsome if did not have this bubble of a face. In any case he seemed to be self-assured. He was repeating, “calm down Toxy, everything is ok! everything is ok!” Like stuck vinyl he would repeat just these two phrases.

Toxicana continued her speech in a lower voice.

You were insisting on a romance between us and  then you told me that you are “emotionally involved” with another woman that you have “a crush”?! And then you told me that is over and you are in “recovery”. What do you know about “recovery”. You know nothing! Well, what the hell. What do you want from me NOW? I was fine to split up. In any case what to split that thing between you and me was just a “une liaison pornographique” nothing less, nothing more. I was not having a great idea that I am a “good girl” from a “good family”. What is good in any case? Somebody’s trash is the other’s treasure. I do not need your miserable help. What help is that to make me sad and anxious.  You are chasing a “pussy”. You had me there is nothing to discover for you I did not change in 7 days.

The bold man interrupted her, – please, my love do not do that to me on my birthday!

Toxicana got even more furious, – oh, nice! Do not do that to me on YOUR birthday. And stop with that shit of “my love”. You are going out with your brothers in arms in chasing pussy. Great, this is you and it is fine with me, just stop calling me. Is that difficult? Do I have to become rude and start swearing so that you understand? I do not want you, your cheeks, your thin penis and your foul soul. Should I continue? Your face is like a talking ass to me with those cheeks. So, goodbye cheeky! Do not contact me again!

She finally found her cigarettes lighted one and walked out of the store. The Bald was grasping the air, looked annoyed, took a sip of coca-cola and continued to eat the chips.

To be continued


Yes, you can like it you can hate it but it is the naked truth, – kittens and pussies sell. It is probably still the easiest way to sell or to attract someones attention. Look at all those sites with cute cats, angry cat, philosophising cats, kittens in the fields, kittens doing tricks. This is really unconprehensible, – a cat is most domestic animal, it is usually depicteced next to some chimney, murring, and represents home, cozy corner, warmth. So, if it is so known, why is it so attractive. That is a mystery to me forever. The most known and unknown subject. The same with a pussy (vagina), everybody met it, – we all came from the same place, but it is still so terra incognita, for both – man and woman. So mysterious that for a man pussy is a dirty, or desirable,or terrifying thing. For a woman it is a shamful or a complete terra incognita, or a woman has a complete obsession with it, as it is for a nymphomaniac. And in both cases as for kittens so for pussies, probably that what exactly sells, – the mystery, not the looks and the ability to act in a certain way.


Annex - Monroe, Marilyn (Seven Year Itch, The)_15


The period of seven years itch which refers to declining interest in monogamous relationship  after seven years of marriage, has been used by psychologists declined to 4 years according to my homemade approximations.

I have a short cut of four years itch, after a four years in a relationship something strange happens to me. I have to persuade myself i a lot of things in order to stay with him. There a tremendous necessity to escape, to hide, to betray your partner. If not forever but just  for a little bit. Although how it could be, – to betray just for a little bit? One betrays or does not betray.

As for the movie Seven Years Itch, I think guy has schizophrenia. He dreams, he dreams and then appears this sex pussy MM. I think she does not really exist, – just in his imagination. In any case, in the scene with the iconic white blown dress, – MM has the itch and not the. She is so excited and probably wet from all that warmth coming upon her punani. Still she looks so appropriate according comme il faut, – lady’s look of the 60s, virgin innocent dummy incorporated in that delicious body. But there is an itch and craving underneath. And only men I think could have that itch back then. Our days we all have itch in one way or the other, relationships, work, environment. But by our nature aren’t we all more or less conquerors and researches, and bounty hunters?


According to Freud reverse side of all pleasure is death. To paraphrase Freud, we can say that the opposite of pussy – it is fucking, – that is death and sex at once. But from on the other hand pussy means all the good things. The itch appears when a woman realizes that her vagina is punani, and punani is vagina.


* Marilyn Monroe scratching her pussy, The Seven Years Itch, 1955, Billy Wilder






They say, mind a reading woman. Probably, meaning a reading woman is evil and dangerous. Remember the witch hunt? My friends the terrifying truth is, – I am reading! So, I have read recently some feminist information on when and why women started to trim vagina, something around to 90s. It happened that I just wrote an ode to Catherine’s Tramell’s (Sharon Stone) carefully trimmed vagina. And what it meant for me back then that famous leg cross, – a revelation to a virgin teenager, was an apogee of rough sophisticated eroticism, more adult than all “adult” movies I have seen, then.

Feminists say that trimming pussy is no good, ’cause it makes to look vulnerable and submissive and that is wrong. Woman’s role in the society is already vulnerable and submissive. I thought it just comfortable especially in the summer. And I thought vice versa to trim your pussy is kind of being dominant that meant to me, – my dear hunk first you lick it then you stick it. I remember a short term a boyfriend of me, I have asked him to go “down there” and he asked me rhetorically, – what is it an European Union? He is East European and meant now that his country in EU, – the customs changed. There were no licking in the Soviets.

Is it me only that live in the XXI century?!

So, trimmed and trimmed, LADIES! Trimmed and bikini. In the summer it is not possible not to trim “down there”, it is to warm. On the other hand feminists are right somehow. I have read (again gush I do read) in a glossy magazine that is aiming to build a perfect body in order “look better naked” for your (or not your) man. In that “naked” magazine, after every excise, all that reps, abs and sweat you are told to do , – after this program man will want to see you naked 40% more often, so be prepared (trimming included). Also that 90 % of the interviewed women are trimmed “down there” (that was an UK magazine). How to translate those per cents? That 90% are ready steady go?

Bushy is tickling and if you like titillation – let it grow. Still can I have bikini, trimmed punani and be a feminist? A perfect dilemma at midnight.

Bon nuit à tous!




p.s. I am in my homeland, folks! Inhaling aroma of ma mum’s tomato sprouts. Smells like Nina Ricci’s “Les Belles de Ricci” or like tomato’s sprouts!





It happened that I saw twice “Basic Instinct” this month 21 later, in its uncut version that makes more direct. But back then I was really overwhelmed even by the censored version with bad Russian translation. Of cause the scene when elegant dressed, all in white, strikingly beautiful, spreads her legs in front of the the bunch of toughies, smoking fearlessly her thin long white cigarettes that cost me that I started smoking Cartier cigarettes (not produced anymore, I am lucky). I was impressed, fell in love with this evil icy a la Hitchcock blonde dominatrix. She was dominant for every one surrounding her, her girlfriends, her lovers. Everybody was disappearing when this pussy was around. So clean cut, so intelligent, so femme fatale.

Yes, this movie brought me back to the the roaring nineties in the post Soviet time-space. And 90s were really roaring. All that unexpected freedom, all those Hollywood uncensored movies in “pirate” editions, when one could see the backs of  “walkies” (people that were leaving the movie). When you saw a movie with a lot of “walkies” that meant it was a crappy one.  “Basic Instinct” did not have “walkies”. It made a dear box office. Well, for me it is landmark of the 90s, especially punani of Sharon Stone. Trimmed blonde pussy of Sharon is a revelation to me. I have seen some porn already back then but this was something else. The context of power fearless woman that is dominant to all those bunch of sweaty cops and she is sitting alone in that office chair. Thousands of men would be uncomfortable in that chair under blue light facing an investigative team. And she has control over all of them. So creepy sexy. Ouch!

That was Westeros to me then overt sexuality and graphic depiction of violence. Enigmatic homosexual relationships that even in the most wildest dreams I would imagine exist. That how I conceived the Western women were bisexual murderous narcissistic psychopaths. In my naivete I thought that all the Western women were bisexual murderous narcissistic psychopaths. Still this movie is an epitome for me of neo-noir and I am so jealous to screenwriter that came with such an idea and such a title.

This is what I call PUNANI UEBER ALLES! And very cocaine.