There is life and there is a screen. And after so many decades you finally see the ars of Brangelina, pardon both Angelina, what the rest of the name?, – in a movie of some Russian film director, – and her ass so disappointing.

You sit with your ars down, on minute 59 her ass appears, congrats. We waste for a pussy close up. And why she is an actor? Can Hol tell us what the fock?

XXI century no secrets, nothing is sacred.


Kali Yuga,






Η πίστη μου στην ανθρωπότητα κάθε μέρα μειώνεται.

ab kaloo aaeiou rae

Now, the Dark Age of Kali Yuga has come.

Kali Yuga at its high times, goals like a refrigerator, – a full one for sure,  –  does it sound sexy to you? Welcome to protozoan club.  And all these obsessions around the body are also ZO disappointing.  Protozoan’s life is in the air, have this, have that. No tits – draw them. Shape your vagina, shave this, shave that. When you have ALL THAT shaved and a sun tan, – you go to SUCH places, with the VIP’s shitheads. And that is all what all want – be VIP or be with the VIP.  Protozoan calls that ILLUMINATI. Who, the bankers are illuminati? For god’s sake.

I thought a diamond is my brain, like a diamond in a coil, – once you dig for your diamond, – it will shine, – I had that crazy idea from my childhood.  My brain is a diamond in a coil and I dig for it. The only diamond I digged for the whole my life.

Kali Yuga makes me sad and hopeless. Talk to the people around you, WHAT IS THAT LANGUAGE of discounts, lawyers, sheisse language of politics and oikonomologists, bookkeepers and bankers. Language is divine and sacred, as my diamond in ma head is divine and sacred. As water, light, Hestia and food is divine and sacred.

The attributes of Kali Yuga, the rulers will wave the balls στολισμένα με τα διαμάντια επάνω τα κεφάλια μας.  trumps, putins, ergodans are the rulers of the world? My World is ruled by banks? Gurus are not anymore respected.  Protozoan rules, only penises and vaginas on its feet, no guts, no brain.

Τα πρωτόζωα είναι υποσύνολο των μονοκύτταρων ευκαρυωτικών οργανισμών, πολλά από τα οποία είναι κινητικά.  Thank you Wik. 

Τα πρωτοζώων έχουν αυτόβουλη κίνηση, as trumps, putins, erdogans,  kim jong-uns, tsiprakia and the rest the prtozoan that want my respect and yours too.

I better die homeless, penniless on the street, without a full refrigerator than I see diamond’ balls waving above me head.  Kunja mamao.

Jah bless One Love

ore the diamonds balls and chain.


Women from all over the world, including Africa, are feeling like V-Day is only interested in making inroads off of the backs of other women  and is not actually interested in amplifying the work that has already been happening. This is very much colonial and racist behavior. The aim remains ostensibly the same: to foster a space in which women can, in Gloria Steinem’s words, “[say] the unsayable”.  I can name cunt whatever whenever I want. 


A cigarette when just woke up,
Smoking and coffee,
Puffing and walking,
Rings of the smoke while I am talking
To you.
Coughing in my dreams
My lungs out
And still sucking nicotine
Of that little stick
Not of an incense.
Jeez, – I am addicted,
Blue cloud over my head,
Yawn, – not to you!


Happy face after a rape attempt

Happy face after a rape attempt

Let me to present first to Ano Liosia. Ano Liosia is a North West suburb of Athens, a basin surrounded by the mountains, Parnitha is close by. All the gypsy barons live there, wealthy gypsies with money from selling heroin in neighbor area Menedi, in big quantities. Gypsy barons have a deal with the police, so they feel very relaxed in “their” village. One can hear day-night shootings of the guns. Gypsies drive in their jeeps with very loud music on. And gypsies, gypsies, gypsies everywhere. Gypsies and the “Golden Dawn”, the neo-nazis that are now in the Greek Parliament.

Freezing late evening January 6 2015, Ano Liosia, Athens. From Attiki metro station I took the bus B12, on the back of the bus there were 10 male youths, age 15-22. Around 10 p.m. I arrived to Ano Liosia, I missed my bus stop because I don’t know very well the area, I was just visiting my boyfriend (then) now he is an ex-boyfriend. I got out,  two of the gypsies got out at the same bus stop. I asked them where is the Fylis str. that is the main one. They told me they show the way. One was 18 years old Vassilis, the other 20 years old Yorgos, later on at the police station I was told that they probably lied about the age. In any case we were walking together gypsies were singing and it was fun. To my sense of where I am boys were showing the right way. Gypsies were wearing fancy sports’ cloths. They were not miserable.

On the way to the main road it was and abandoned shop, suddenly gypsy-boyz started to talk in Roma language. I didn’t pay attention. Then they dragged me into that empty shop, closing my mouth, into a small room that smelled piss and excrement. I was shocked and didn’t resist at first. Then they threw me down and tried to take my cloths. It was minus temperature! I was properly dressed. I wear jeans with my father’s army belt, and another pants over my jeans. A winter skiing jacket and a windbreaker under. I was screaming and kicking with my legs (I was down at the floor). I said, “I have period, – it was true by-the-way”, – they would not stop. I told them, – “I have AIDS”, – it would stop them either!   But what saved me, – I always have a pen in my pocket. I almost got into the eye of the younger gypsy. He said, – “Shit, I am bleeding, putana almost took out my eye!”. And they run away.

Then followed four days in police. Drawing up a report, then identification ( I was in a room policemen were bringing little rascals), then identification through photographs, then police clinic (to see my black eye). I have had not a lot of bruises, – winter cloths saved me.

My psychology was really below zero. The interesting thing, – reaction of the people. Women, – “Did you go to the police? Good that you almost took his eye out!”. Women would be really sad about that event. Men, – “It could be worse!”. And would make jokes about that.

What could be worst than have an attempt of a rape?! I was down there completely helpless wintertime, nobody is out on the street, snowing. Two jerks over me, I was a slave for 7 min aprox. They could do anything to me, stab me, rape me, cut into pieces. I could be on the market in form of human organs! It was so horrifying. Dark, stinky place, two young strong men. Sweet Jesus, το γλίτωσα! Of cause I am lucky, of cause it could be worse! Just don’t jerkily make fun of it. It is not funny. I had a trauma for over one month. My world got upside down. I live in another world, where people at least try to be good to one another. Educated, sophisticated world, avant garde. And now I am smeared with dirt ’cause of two stupid smacks.

Who are they to take over MY BODY that belongs TO ME! The only thing in the entire World I own that belong to me?! Who are theirs parents?!

The terror is still here with me. Terrible I am loosing my patience with humanity. I’ll throw a bomb on the gypsies rapers. A creature can not walk quietly if there is a hole between the legs?

I wasted 5 days of my life at the police stations and one month to recover psychologically. Waste, waste, waste!


p.s. My nose still hurts.




Since people are so loveable and you do not get misanthropy the only thing you have on your mind is KILL KILL KILL you bitches.  O f a waste. Hypocrites and bitches and waste and your VERY precious time you waste right now. Get your tits out.


Not fucking Toxi



That comes to my my, oh, my? mind. Seeing some peole really nothing to loose. Sleeping on the benches and under the trees. Believe it is hard to sleep on the ground, on a marble or stone bench. My gentle limbs seem to be not constructed for that use. And cold, and uncomfortoble. And when you have nothing absolutly. So desperate. “Strange” people leading this kind of life are the most happy ones.

The question is why the fuck my ex-boyfriend threw me out? Escaping to his papa and his mama telling me “NOT DISTURB THIS WONDERFUL FAMILY?” While he wasbegging me for three months through bloody skype to come to Greece. I stopped the whole traffic of my life to come here. And who do I get? A deppressed spoiled bitch. When no he was loaded with money no depression and no mama on horizont. Viva Greek MAMAS!

Is it not bitches brew?

Frustrated, lonely little planet made out of strange brew.



Annex - Monroe, Marilyn (Seven Year Itch, The)_15


The period of seven years itch which refers to declining interest in monogamous relationship  after seven years of marriage, has been used by psychologists declined to 4 years according to my homemade approximations.

I have a short cut of four years itch, after a four years in a relationship something strange happens to me. I have to persuade myself i a lot of things in order to stay with him. There a tremendous necessity to escape, to hide, to betray your partner. If not forever but just  for a little bit. Although how it could be, – to betray just for a little bit? One betrays or does not betray.

As for the movie Seven Years Itch, I think guy has schizophrenia. He dreams, he dreams and then appears this sex pussy MM. I think she does not really exist, – just in his imagination. In any case, in the scene with the iconic white blown dress, – MM has the itch and not the. She is so excited and probably wet from all that warmth coming upon her punani. Still she looks so appropriate according comme il faut, – lady’s look of the 60s, virgin innocent dummy incorporated in that delicious body. But there is an itch and craving underneath. And only men I think could have that itch back then. Our days we all have itch in one way or the other, relationships, work, environment. But by our nature aren’t we all more or less conquerors and researches, and bounty hunters?


According to Freud reverse side of all pleasure is death. To paraphrase Freud, we can say that the opposite of pussy – it is fucking, – that is death and sex at once. But from on the other hand pussy means all the good things. The itch appears when a woman realizes that her vagina is punani, and punani is vagina.


* Marilyn Monroe scratching her pussy, The Seven Years Itch, 1955, Billy Wilder