There is life and there is a screen. And after so many decades you finally see the ars of Brangelina, pardon both Angelina, what the rest of the name?, – in a movie of some Russian film director, – and her ass so disappointing.

You sit with your ars down, on minute 59 her ass appears, congrats. We waste for a pussy close up. And why she is an actor? Can Hol tell us what the fock?

XXI century no secrets, nothing is sacred.


Kali Yuga,






In the last bloggie I found meself way too sweet and angelic than I really am. And all intro with the weather… Although I received praise from people MUITO Important for me, I find it quite boring text. Eventually it occurred to me that I have forgotten to write about something really bothering me for years: THE AIRPORTS!

Oh my-my, how I hate airports lately, approximately last ten years. Maybe a bit more, +/- 3 years. Especially to travel alone, long flights, long waiting hours, all alone. Although I am communicative and always find a company with  whom to have a chat.  I always find what to read and still I can’t stand anymore to travel alone. I ceased to be a lone traveler, my dear people, I’ve had enough. Enough is enough.

So, my last nonsense travelling was from Greece to Ireland, transit flight through London’s Stansted airport, Ryanair I was flying first time with an economy airline, there is always a first time they say. For the price I have traveled – it is OK. Hm, how to describe it? Well it is economical, it is economize on everything, especially on the space. You know.

Just one fact started immediately bothering me, – that is the price of little bottle of water (3 £) that is sold on board. I found it rather amusing, especially that the customs take away your water. Then you forget to buy a new one. And then you pay dearly your amnesia. I was furious, – little bottle is just not enough for a flight of 3.5 hours. Two bottles – 7 euros. Still it is OK remembering the price of a ticket.

BUT (there is always this cheesy butting) in the Stansted airport in the toilet I was at first pleasantly impressed that the water was hot. From both tabs, a cold water tab and hot water tab was running really hot water. I said to myself, – oh, nice, they are wealthy over here, if it is spent all that energy on hot water. Whensoever I went to buy some food and water, SURPRISE, – I found out that water is precious. You are forced to buy pricey water, while CocaCola is cheaper, a can of beer is cheaper. Try to persuade me that it is NOT a conspiracy of neo liberals and bloody business that must go on and on and on. I threw my bottle of water, I am in a transit flight, I am tired and decide to stay at the airport, not willing to pay gold for water (I have my principles too). I would drink in the toilet. I can’t. So, I got out of the airport just to buy water and that miserable packet lunch. I am fairly satisfied ’cause of the fairly priced (only for this situation) water bottle. Coffee is cheaper. Gimmie a break! I went for that through UK border with my bend ID, waiting in a line only to have a slightly stressful situation when the airport worker on the desk asked me for some extra documentation on my precious person

– Might you have a passport or driving license, M’am?

– Only ISIC, sir. And that already too many cards for me, sir, to carry around.

Guy was very serious, -behind him were another three senior men, probably checking how works

– Can you take off your cap M’am?

I was wearing a really bad boyz black baseball cap. I took of my cap.

-Well, that’s not my best picture on this ID, sir. In life I am much prettier.

The senior men were giggling they found me boldly amusing. Well, I am bald lately.

And that all for a bottle of water for a fair price. Gush, I dislike Stansted. People are rushing, nobody interacts with each other. So, bloody 2001, Kubrick/ Just dirtier, no style, no taste, grey, faceless, crowdy, hysterical, – I saw at least 10 humans in a panic attack of loosing a flight.  A Polish girl was absolutely hysterical, blaming the staff for willing to drink coffee instead of serving her. When I told her, – well what kind of service do you expect for a ticket of 80 Eu, darling?, – she got so upset, – if sight could kill I was dead by now, – she looked at me with such hatred. I told her, – hey I am not the Boss of RyanAir, am I? I wish.

What saved me that I read quietly. I read for six hours. That is the only nice thing happened to me during 8 hours of transit.

Then there were new rules that all cosmetics (under 100 ml) have to be placed into a plastic bag 10×10 (I don’t remember of what, cm, ml) or 20×20. I am already in going to the customs, and realize that I have to say probably bye-bye to that few things I have. Luckily enough there those shitty baggies are placed next to the x-rays. So, I didn’t throw ma stuff. And then you must seriously get undressed. I make joke to a lady next to me that we all should get naked and finish with that! She looked around, like imagining the crowd all naked, got the image and we laughed like hell. Like in the movie “The Perfume” naked scene.

All that I find conspiracy of the multis, the water one buys, the cosmetics one throws (I saw people throwing their stuff ’cause they are in a desperate hurry). I think there is no terrorism just we are forced to consume more. You throw – you buy, if it would be cold water in the toilet, no self-respecting punk would buy water.

In any case according to some prognosis – water is going to be a real trouble in the near future.

I am thirsty from writing down my rage against the machines in letters. I need some water!