Or The genuine Chinese torture


After the funeral at the 1st cemetery of Athens, of Mr. Nitsos who had been a publisher of the magazine “THEATRO”. After the funeral we went to a Chinese restaurant next Royal Olympic hotel, for a soup. My friend went downstairs to wash his hands. In meanwhile I have ordered for a soup, 20 E and some spicy octopus 15 E, we talk for two persons. I ask the waitress if they have Chinese bear, her answer is “NO”.  So, bring whatever. The cupboard of a man, Chinese cashier or a bouncer starts calling me “PUTANA” and “Ade gamisu” (hoer. fuck you). My friend got out of the toilet and was very surprised to see that a tattooed bouncer is swearing at me. We got out and I ve smashed the window.  Photo included. The Βouncer all the time screaming at me “PUTANA RUMANA”, though I have told him I am from Israel. My friend was in between us while waiting for the police. The fucker wanted to beat me. In any case when the Bouncer heard at the police station what all that costs (one night at the police station  and 100 E to sew me) . When the price of window is 20 E. He calmed down. I offended the fucker “Fucking Chinese” after “putana”.  And what the fuck is wrong to be Romanian? We are all fine people whatever color.




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