Toxicana stormed out to the street nervously smoking. She starts running and one of the stilleto breaks, desperately powerless she looks at her feet. Drags the heel and sees that she broke her nail. Devastated she sits down on the bench and starts crying. Mascara and lipstick smearing all over the face. “Is that me? The Iron Lady? I, who laughed at the cry babies?! How low can I go? I even did not love the guy. Why I am feeling so miserable…” She lights up another cigarette and looks up to the sky, discovering that it is going to rain. Out of a sudden the clouds slid open like theater curtain and a face of a divine beauty showed up. Toxicana dropped her cigarette from her mouth and froze with her eyes wide open. The Face was mirroring all the races known to Toxicana, it was Asian, Caucasian, African and Australoid races in one. “I am hallucinating, he gave me something with his tea, he poisoned me, I am dying”. Toxicana panicked and got up from the bench, forgetting all about the broken heel and felt back, hurting her back badly. “I am going to have a hematoma. Perfect. This can’t be!!!” She stairs at Face in the sky, Face looks at her and smiles at her. Suddenly it laughs the sound it produced almost killed Toxicana, it was a thunder and like a hundred witches and gentle as a child’s laugh all together. Toxicana never heard anything like that in her entire life. The Face blinked, the eyes were multicolored. “Chameleon? What is that? I need professional help…” Toxicana keeps her sanity with everyday reactions. Meanwhile the Face stared to say a poem. A poem written by Toxicana in her childhood and long forgotten. She never read it to anyone. “Is it a male face? Or female? Androgynous I would tell”. Lovely warm serenity runs through Toxicana’s body, she feels comfortable and peaceful with herself and the whole World. “Are you God?”, – she yawns from the relaxation. The Face that became just lips answered, – “You might call Me that”. Toxicana feels her eye lids very heavy, – “Are you a man-God? Or a woman-God? You look more like a female. “Is it of your concern my dear child?”, – the Lips became a full body, which was unbearably ugly and beautiful. “May be you are Satan? Or whatever it is called? The Evil? And you are seducing me?”. “I am your everything and you! Is it of your real concern my child?”, – the voice became harsh like of a grandmother  a chain smoker. Toxicana is falling asleep and sleeps on the bench. The by passers are looking at the woman awkwardly.



    • It is the most wonderful comment in my entire life! And I have read them a lot, anywhere, for anything. It is so mesmerizing comment. Thank you so much!

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