– What do you want from me I do not understand! You are repeatedly telling me for four months that you are here for me like a rock. I have believed in that nu-sense. And now what I see that you can not commit to anybody. Unveil the truth. You are not a rock you are my rock bottom because I see that I am completely fucked up, I am misjudging people for my disadvantage.

Toxicana was gesticulating desperately yelling at the guy of middle age slightly bald with the babies cheeks and a middle age’s chin, slim and rather tall for a Greek. He would look younger and more handsome if did not have this bubble of a face. In any case he seemed to be self-assured. He was repeating, “calm down Toxy, everything is ok! everything is ok!” Like stuck vinyl he would repeat just these two phrases.

Toxicana continued her speech in a lower voice.

You were insisting on a romance between us and  then you told me that you are “emotionally involved” with another woman that you have “a crush”?! And then you told me that is over and you are in “recovery”. What do you know about “recovery”. You know nothing! Well, what the hell. What do you want from me NOW? I was fine to split up. In any case what to split that thing between you and me was just a “une liaison pornographique” nothing less, nothing more. I was not having a great idea that I am a “good girl” from a “good family”. What is good in any case? Somebody’s trash is the other’s treasure. I do not need your miserable help. What help is that to make me sad and anxious.  You are chasing a “pussy”. You had me there is nothing to discover for you I did not change in 7 days.

The bold man interrupted her, – please, my love do not do that to me on my birthday!

Toxicana got even more furious, – oh, nice! Do not do that to me on YOUR birthday. And stop with that shit of “my love”. You are going out with your brothers in arms in chasing pussy. Great, this is you and it is fine with me, just stop calling me. Is that difficult? Do I have to become rude and start swearing so that you understand? I do not want you, your cheeks, your thin penis and your foul soul. Should I continue? Your face is like a talking ass to me with those cheeks. So, goodbye cheeky! Do not contact me again!

She finally found her cigarettes lighted one and walked out of the store. The Bald was grasping the air, looked annoyed, took a sip of coca-cola and continued to eat the chips.

To be continued