I have been told by my male-friends some details of their sex-life.

One friend had a Russian girlfriend that would interrupt the sexual act because she was sweating. They would be in the very midst of the hit, she would jump off him, telling, – “Oh, I can’t, I can’t. I am sweating, I can’t stand the sweat”, – and would run off to wash herself. Sure my friend was not too eager to continue, when the woman got back.

The other friend was complaining about his girlfriend that would give him the instructions. Like, – “A little bit to the left, a bit to the right, take a pillow, don’t breath so hard etc.”. Non-stop he told me. He was really upset about it.

The thing is that the first guy was not good at all at foreplay and was relying on his penis that he would have a long erection and the second man had a problem with the erection (I was told so).

They were really upset and were blaming women and would split instead of solving the problems.



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