It is better to be a prostitute on the corner of Solonos and Mavromichali than me at this moment. Such a indefinable material my brain had become that I think I need a lobotomy. To be in Athens does not help to redefine myself at all. After wonderful vacations, – with a strained knee almost a stroke (was it a stroke?) and a virus, – I should not drink water from a well they say. With a lot of tension and crazy stories, – still that were my best vacations ever. Something’s got crystallized, – MY LIFE IS IN RUINS. Furthermore – to live in a very closed society that of an island is really unbearable. One has no time to pick up the phone and tell the news in person, – the news already reached the person who would be most interested in these news.

Everything breaks my nerves on a Greek island. As well the so-called Health Center has almost nothing for a rather big island of Kea. The nurse was scolding me for waking up her early. She repeatedly told me, – CENTER IS OPEN FROM 9.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m., with virgin-forever voice like a screechy chain-saw. I had fever, I felt ill from 5.00 a.m. I had waited untill 7.00 that was a torture for me. And what do I get? Some morals from a woman that is got stuck on her way to puberty. She really overdid with how many times she told me the opening hours. My disease was not at all in her focus. Then she gave me nothing for poisoned organism. And that was it. Just wondering, – everything in Kea looks rather wealthy and cash and they can not afford a proper health center. On way or the other, – my poor body that serves me so well it is IN RUINS too. Certainly it is better to be a prostitute on a corner than me for the moment, – at least she knows what is her playground. I do not know where mine is. All my dreams are wasted or hopefully being recycled.



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