August 4, 2013 at 7:18pm
Yeah! And then one has a top insomnia until 10 am staying awake thinking and writing and thinking and writing… Finally falls asleep with a big difficulty. Wakes up after 2,5 hours from a phone call from somebody who really loves him and cares for him. He feels already a slight change in the mood after so many months. He feels like to have a short chat with a neighbor who is kind to him. Then he gets stuck for a while on the internet.

And here it comes. The summer BLACK OUT and it changes everything. No electricity is good sometimes. Suddenly one comes to a realization that actually the qualities that he had had, did not disappear. They are still there. And everything is possible! Alright he admits, – it was an unbelievable torture. Though he considers it was needed for him, it was his catharsis and now his soul is crystal clean until the next catharsis. Still until next one he has plenty of time to do plenty of wonderful things. Life is out there go and get it! How one knows the value of the day if he would not experience the night?

Still the black clothes are going to stay in the wardrobe as a reminder. Spirits up! Amen.


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