Такая розовая радостная блевотина вокруг. Массовый гедонизм выскочил неожиданно, как убийца из-за угла.




That comes to my my, oh, my? mind. Seeing some peole really nothing to loose. Sleeping on the benches and under the trees. Believe it is hard to sleep on the ground, on a marble or stone bench. My gentle limbs seem to be not constructed for that use. And cold, and uncomfortoble. And when you have nothing absolutly. So desperate. “Strange” people leading this kind of life are the most happy ones.

The question is why the fuck my ex-boyfriend threw me out? Escaping to his papa and his mama telling me “NOT DISTURB THIS WONDERFUL FAMILY?” While he wasbegging me for three months through bloody skype to come to Greece. I stopped the whole traffic of my life to come here. And who do I get? A deppressed spoiled bitch. When no he was loaded with money no depression and no mama on horizont. Viva Greek MAMAS!

Is it not bitches brew?

Frustrated, lonely little planet made out of strange brew.



So bitchy they are. I can tell  you a recent story that happened. And do not be seduced by the choices of words. To keep to it short. All men are hiding under wherever it is of mama? Or it is just my impression

Full story to be