Summer time is a lazy time for all of us. I am too lazy and there is very few thoughts crossing my mind, most of them are about how to spend time and make it even more leisure than it is already. Could be leisure time more leisure? Definetely maybe. In these despair times I open my trash basket in order to recycle some ideas that seemed to not worthy of anybodies eyes. Since my blog is about waste,  I should be less high eyebrow. The lucky trashy saved from the void that goes under the title ” EEL -POLITICS”. Who is not familiar with this fishy snake, or snaky fish a photograph below:



Whereto hide from the politcs? Now that every month there elections, in any country you go there are election. And the perpetual voting, the part of so-called democracy in which a lot people doubt lately. One can’t hide from that. I am sitting with my friend in the cafe sipping my cappucino, enjoing a sunny day in Vilnius, here he comes the volunteer and give us a calender for 2014 with some murena like female on it in pink and pearls, probably she was blonde some time ago. Now it is fashionable for a woman in Lithuania to have jet black hair and blue eyes. I get the message of the pearl’s necklace  nas a comparison to her bleeched teeth that she shows off. Good for her. Crosses my mind there is an usual complaint that there never enough women candidates. Well, this mourena-candidate is at least more fancy than member of EU parliament for years Dalia Grybaiskaite, now (still) President of Lithuania. Strangely enough here in Lithuania I see mainly posters with Grybauskaite than the rest of the politicians. She probably got nervous failing the elections. I got mixed up with the elections Greek, Lithuanian, Irish and European.

The thing is that the faces on the posters become younger and younger but the politics are made the same way, – ruthless, harsh and highly egoistic. Of cause, those new faces are children of their parents. And those children are going to the universities where they have gangs of arrogant young men that are the future politician to be.

As it is described to the point in an article “Oxford’s ‘Banter Suadron’ and the sorry state of tomorrow’s politicians”, – … a nest of baby eels slithering over and over each other … And eventually knotting themselves into a slimy, glutinous, inextricable mass? Sleazy, slippery and highly aggressive murenas.

The only one thing I wish formyself – get out of my face, without a “please”, ’cause you don’t make my day with your politics, on the contrary you destroy it.




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