A woman forty something with a child at the supermarket. The child,  a boy eight years old places very neatly packaged products on the counter. He does it very neatly and fast. Mother and the boy are waiting in the cueue. Boy fixes an ice cream on the counter. Mother gets out of the blue very annoyed hissing: “Can’t you stay still? Get out of here!” And pushes her child forward. Boy was really waiting for that ice cream, his reaction was to withdraw and to remain silent, though he looked confused and unhappy, but he looked like questioning,  – what did I do wrong? To me it seemed normal that a boy got impatiend he was looking forward for that ice cream. And he was just fixing the buys. The situation brought to my mind that back in time it was normal to swaddle children, they were squized for a year in those swaddling-clothes. When it the Western countries it was over, in USSR it was still fashionable to swaddle, – it was thought good for the children. The swaddling-clothes are not anymore in fashion, but the way parents in Lithuania communicate with their children remains the same,- to shut up their children and keep them quiet. Some form of swaddling.


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