Yes, you can like it you can hate it but it is the naked truth, – kittens and pussies sell. It is probably still the easiest way to sell or to attract someones attention. Look at all those sites with cute cats, angry cat, philosophising cats, kittens in the fields, kittens doing tricks. This is really unconprehensible, – a cat is most domestic animal, it is usually depicteced next to some chimney, murring, and represents home, cozy corner, warmth. So, if it is so known, why is it so attractive. That is a mystery to me forever. The most known and unknown subject. The same with a pussy (vagina), everybody met it, – we all came from the same place, but it is still so terra incognita, for both – man and woman. So mysterious that for a man pussy is a dirty, or desirable,or terrifying thing. For a woman it is a shamful or a complete terra incognita, or a woman has a complete obsession with it, as it is for a nymphomaniac. And in both cases as for kittens so for pussies, probably that what exactly sells, – the mystery, not the looks and the ability to act in a certain way.



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