10293626_738448766193271_8984746418116666963_oPhoto by Gijomas

“Write”, – very often a friend of mine tells to me. Meaning not to my blog or elsewhere, meaning to write a complaint to some authorities. It is our inside joke, – I have to switch off an inside critic. Usually I always find something that should be differently than it is, not important things, the cues in the supermarket , an unclean windows, long waiting for a waitress while looking through an unclean window. I make a remark and he always makeshits back, “write about it”. I like my friend, he can be really cruelly straightforward and always ready to tell the painfull truth.

In any case I got fed up with my own whining, – especially about how expencive art is. Yes, it does cost money. I should be ashamed of myself, I am an artist myself and I know how much does it cost, – an experience of your whole lif, as Whistler answered for being abused of overpricing his painting Nocturne. Even though if one doesn’t pay a ticket it is still an expense, – get a treat as you go to get a treat in beauty salon, so the same for your spirit.

Well, if you are in Vilnius, you have an cute tiny Down Town that is an open air museum. It is so refreshingly emerald green and such a pleasure for an eye and it is for free. The are always something going on, there plenty of art galleries. Vilnius and vilnieciai like art a lot. Everything definitely has a Northern style, – subtile and discreet. One does not find an abudance of colours and forms as in exotic countires, – too much into your eye. But definitely a kind of taste specific to this country. Personaly I find it too subtile sometimes even almost invisible but it does not bother you. As for me it is better pastel non-colours than crazy pink matrioshkas everywhere (I loved matrioshkas in my childhood).

So, if you are on no-budget, -you can visit new building of Art’s Academy, very inspiring, just few things are exhibited but worth seeing what are youngesters-artists are up to. There are sometimes some events for free, for example Baltic New Dance had once a free entrance show. There sometimes some childrens or non children’s chorus singing in some churches. If you have a budget, – Baltic New Dance is still on, – you do not need knowledge of the language and 17 of May it will be Street Music Festival. In other words, – who is looking, always finds.


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