Annex - Monroe, Marilyn (Seven Year Itch, The)_15


The period of seven years itch which refers to declining interest in monogamous relationship  after seven years of marriage, has been used by psychologists declined to 4 years according to my homemade approximations.

I have a short cut of four years itch, after a four years in a relationship something strange happens to me. I have to persuade myself i a lot of things in order to stay with him. There a tremendous necessity to escape, to hide, to betray your partner. If not forever but just  for a little bit. Although how it could be, – to betray just for a little bit? One betrays or does not betray.

As for the movie Seven Years Itch, I think guy has schizophrenia. He dreams, he dreams and then appears this sex pussy MM. I think she does not really exist, – just in his imagination. In any case, in the scene with the iconic white blown dress, – MM has the itch and not the. She is so excited and probably wet from all that warmth coming upon her punani. Still she looks so appropriate according comme il faut, – lady’s look of the 60s, virgin innocent dummy incorporated in that delicious body. But there is an itch and craving underneath. And only men I think could have that itch back then. Our days we all have itch in one way or the other, relationships, work, environment. But by our nature aren’t we all more or less conquerors and researches, and bounty hunters?


According to Freud reverse side of all pleasure is death. To paraphrase Freud, we can say that the opposite of pussy – it is fucking, – that is death and sex at once. But from on the other hand pussy means all the good things. The itch appears when a woman realizes that her vagina is punani, and punani is vagina.


* Marilyn Monroe scratching her pussy, The Seven Years Itch, 1955, Billy Wilder




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