They say, mind a reading woman. Probably, meaning a reading woman is evil and dangerous. Remember the witch hunt? My friends the terrifying truth is, – I am reading! So, I have read recently some feminist information on when and why women started to trim vagina, something around to 90s. It happened that I just wrote an ode to Catherine’s Tramell’s (Sharon Stone) carefully trimmed vagina. And what it meant for me back then that famous leg cross, – a revelation to a virgin teenager, was an apogee of rough sophisticated eroticism, more adult than all “adult” movies I have seen, then.

Feminists say that trimming pussy is no good, ’cause it makes to look vulnerable and submissive and that is wrong. Woman’s role in the society is already vulnerable and submissive. I thought it just comfortable especially in the summer. And I thought vice versa to trim your pussy is kind of being dominant that meant to me, – my dear hunk first you lick it then you stick it. I remember a short term a boyfriend of me, I have asked him to go “down there” and he asked me rhetorically, – what is it an European Union? He is East European and meant now that his country in EU, – the customs changed. There were no licking in the Soviets.

Is it me only that live in the XXI century?!

So, trimmed and trimmed, LADIES! Trimmed and bikini. In the summer it is not possible not to trim “down there”, it is to warm. On the other hand feminists are right somehow. I have read (again gush I do read) in a glossy magazine that is aiming to build a perfect body in order “look better naked” for your (or not your) man. In that “naked” magazine, after every excise, all that reps, abs and sweat you are told to do , – after this program man will want to see you naked 40% more often, so be prepared (trimming included). Also that 90 % of the interviewed women are trimmed “down there” (that was an UK magazine). How to translate those per cents? That 90% are ready steady go?

Bushy is tickling and if you like titillation – let it grow. Still can I have bikini, trimmed punani and be a feminist? A perfect dilemma at midnight.

Bon nuit à tous!




p.s. I am in my homeland, folks! Inhaling aroma of ma mum’s tomato sprouts. Smells like Nina Ricci’s “Les Belles de Ricci” or like tomato’s sprouts!



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