It happened that I saw twice “Basic Instinct” this month 21 later, in its uncut version that makes more direct. But back then I was really overwhelmed even by the censored version with bad Russian translation. Of cause the scene when elegant dressed, all in white, strikingly beautiful, spreads her legs in front of the the bunch of toughies, smoking fearlessly her thin long white cigarettes that cost me that I started smoking Cartier cigarettes (not produced anymore, I am lucky). I was impressed, fell in love with this evil icy a la Hitchcock blonde dominatrix. She was dominant for every one surrounding her, her girlfriends, her lovers. Everybody was disappearing when this pussy was around. So clean cut, so intelligent, so femme fatale.

Yes, this movie brought me back to the the roaring nineties in the post Soviet time-space. And 90s were really roaring. All that unexpected freedom, all those Hollywood uncensored movies in “pirate” editions, when one could see the backs of  “walkies” (people that were leaving the movie). When you saw a movie with a lot of “walkies” that meant it was a crappy one.  “Basic Instinct” did not have “walkies”. It made a dear box office. Well, for me it is landmark of the 90s, especially punani of Sharon Stone. Trimmed blonde pussy of Sharon is a revelation to me. I have seen some porn already back then but this was something else. The context of power fearless woman that is dominant to all those bunch of sweaty cops and she is sitting alone in that office chair. Thousands of men would be uncomfortable in that chair under blue light facing an investigative team. And she has control over all of them. So creepy sexy. Ouch!

That was Westeros to me then overt sexuality and graphic depiction of violence. Enigmatic homosexual relationships that even in the most wildest dreams I would imagine exist. That how I conceived the Western women were bisexual murderous narcissistic psychopaths. In my naivete I thought that all the Western women were bisexual murderous narcissistic psychopaths. Still this movie is an epitome for me of neo-noir and I am so jealous to screenwriter that came with such an idea and such a title.

This is what I call PUNANI UEBER ALLES! And very cocaine.


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