It is already exactly one month I am in Ireland. I almost did not mention it at all, you know, – quiet family life sucks you in and at the end of the day I simply have no energy to sit and write, well, I have an excuse, – I am giving a helping hand with two little children. And I have missed my sister and her family. I am somehow all about red-letter days lately. And today is a family Day. I did not know about that my entire life but these days mighty cyber space spits into my face new dates, I would not have known they exist. Family life is very attractive, the fridge is full, there is always people to interact with. Though the little ones are driving you crazy. Baby (almost one years old), for example, today wanted me exclusively for himself, the whole day, he got the message that his mum is busy. That is crazy, my arms hurt. I understand now why Rowling (Harry Potter) was going to cafe in order to write her book. By the way she is a single parent, and she mentioned that even now when she is a multimillionaire and success story but people still see her as a “single mother” and that is gossip behind her back, she says. I find it rather amusing, rich famous and with stigma as “single mum” what to talk about us then simple mortals, poor and not famous?

The whole world is carried on the shoulders of a mother for ages. Countless wars, poverty, when the fathers had to go away for work and children would be grown up for years not seeing their fathers. I think only aristocrats could have a full family with mother and fatehr but still they would have there own troubles. Busy life, not loving each other, sudden lost of their riches. Why would be a single mother stigmatized? There always two in a relationship, two have done something wrong.

Seeing here the little ones, – yes they do need both parents and I wish them to have that for the rest of their life – full family, all members.

Maybe Ireland is a right place for that. Irish are famous for their huge families, 10 children were normal some decades ago. Now three is the norm, often there four children in family. A bit craze for me but seems they are cool with that. Or it might be because they the law forbids an abortion. I don’t if there is a direct link but every week a suicide of young females. I have not heard of so many people falling into to river and sinking. Shannon river seems to me a deadliest river. It looks so peaceful, at least now without rain. I have spotted a lot of families on the riverside. All those copper gold girls with long hair playing and having fun.

I better write weather reports.





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