It is not appropriate to swear for a woman, – they say. I question for years myself and the others, -why? Yes, explain me why should I stop use all that cheesy slang, curse and swear. In Russian one can fully express their thoughts in full sentences only constructed from Gros Mots (swear), as they say it in French. Friend of mine composed a 12 volumes (!!!) dictionary on Russian “Mat” (A. Plucer-Sarno, Russki Mat). It is amazing, how codified becomes language due jargon, ’cause people start to talk omitting some words or changing them close by the sound or meaning. Like proper ladies say “shoot” instead of “shit”. So, to be economical on the subject I am smearing here, tell me how do I write a short scene that came to my mind now without swearing?

Noon, frenetic sun frantically scorches. A couple in their 30s, sitting in an antic VW car argues. WOMAN screams and yells at a MAN that is behind the wheel. She slaps him and spits on him, gets out of the car, slams the door, bends to the open window. Woman’s face is pink from all the effort she makes while screaming. She screams out into the face of a man, – FUCK YOU! Man looks in front of him the horizon, turns to her, smiles mildly and answers, – I love you too, babe!

How do I write it better without “Fuck you!”? You tell me, ’cause I do not know. Better could be only, – I love you too, bitch!

My endless struggle with the rules, to accept a lot of stuff “just as it is”. I was told as a little girl, as a teenager, as a young woman not to swear, – it is just not allowed for a female, or it creates a negative image for a lady belonging to a middle class (let it grow, or worst case scenario, – she belongs to the upper class or, oh mein Gott, to the aristocracy). Profanity is a sin according to the Bible, with an explanation this time, – I love church, they explain everything. Jesus specifically taught that what comes out of a man’s mouth is evidence of what is in his heart. Luke 6:45 says, “ The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth what is evil; for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart.” We pray and curse with the same mouth and we can’t do it, ’cause with the same mouth we say Jesus name. Especially, when it boils in one pot gods, devils, dirt and saints. But these are just words, aren’t they? Why a word strikes so much harder than a fist? Because first was a Word? The more I think now the less I want to swear, probably to many words I have written. But all those words sometime ago were just regular words, bitch – a female dog now it is a a pejorative term, fuck – complicated etymology, a lot of meanings, fagot – a bundle of twigs. How did it became all wrong? Gay is just happy. I know a woman with a name Gay, she is of a Greek origin and around 50 years old. I think her parents were hippies.
Well, I keep my speech profane-free when there around gentle and degradable brains of the children. More or less I try to keep it quite, ’cause foul mouth is a habit and to get rid of that is more difficult than to quit smoking. Smoking is a concrete action and then you have that foul, – or taste of freedom matter how you conceive it, – smoke in your mouth. With words… they are like birds, ones freed try to catch them. Always to late. I was given a lot of remarks on my misbehavior back in my supersonic youth’s years. Sometimes in so-called-proper company, snobs, parents of little children. Still I don’t manage to say “shoot” instead of “shit”. I always then imagine myself as an lady in pink bad taste dress but very expensive a-la Paris Hilton, after her “porn”-tape is out, with little girl’s thin voice “Is it bad, I like sex, so I’ve made litl-bit-o-porn”? That was me, with my thin voice, – Is it bad to swear?

My opinion: it is cheaper to swear loud and let it all out loud than to go to a shrink, – 200 euro cheaper per month, believe me. Of cause it does damage your image in the hui society. It is a lower stage of human being but it is sometimes so to the point. Just I would tell that there some rules about that, be general, swear at the aliens, at some forces you don’t. Don’t be personal, racist. If say a fag to a person that is homosexual, – it is offensive, if to straight guy, well, you might have some broken cheekbones. Oh, and I love my cheekbones, – they like prosthetic ones of a Hollywood star, would be pity to have them broken.
Ay, I preach again. Do whatever you want. LET YOUR HEART BEAT FREELY!  There are no rules on swearing or not swearing. But believe to swear rightly and funny and inspired, – is an art form. Some great poets wrote poems full of profanity. I know for sure Kharms, Pushkin, Esenin, Bukowski, Mayakovsky. Me.

I am profane. I am doomed. What the fag? For I can read a book with a title “Philosophy of a Cunt” and discuss it.








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