Freezing fresh here on Smaragd isle. Humidity so high, it screws into your bones and I even feel pain. Am I spoiled living for years in warm countries? All that drizzle and just trivial rain does not break my nerves although I thought I would hate it. The most important if there is sunshine in the morning then everything is just fine. That’s why the Irish(English)men talk so much about the weather, – it just occurred to me! Weather is so often changing here, – one tries to catch up. In any case weather is bothering me here, so I got stuck on this subject although I thought to write about another more important stuff to me. That is ma familia. After a disheveled day, all these child caring, pooh I do respect mothers!  It is no joke to have children. They banging their heads, they have belly problem from tiredness. BUT they are also a lot of fun!

I concentrate better on fun thing, actually I don’t remember already all their whining and crying, only their big smiles.

So, here I am sitting with a baby of 11 months old in my arms because he is refusing to sleep and his mum got exhausted, – she had a tough day, – children, work, exams. She got very nervous, so I took over the bouboukas (baby) and we went to see the little fishes in the aquarium. Baby was gazing at the fish and suddenly I realized that I feel very very happy at this very moment. Holding bouboukas on my arms, staring at fish, Tom&Jerry on the back round – the eldest son was watching cartoon. It was such a serenity this unbelievably messy evening. Serenity gets you in the most inappropriate moments. I probably calmed down. For a while. In any case I love my little sis & Co!


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