All mammies can go go and fock fock themselves under the shade of their children. Child as an sancto move. Stupid vaginas stupid penises. Protozoon serves protozoon. Multiply protozoa. Go ahead bitches. That your arses are trained aint notting. Your souls, ah, in your arses. My soul too is in my ars, well trained.


Меня вырастили чужие люди, – и я их благодарю. И если я сосала у Матери её большую сисьску, – значит ли это что она меня вырастила?! У моей Матери есть большие сисьски, – и это всё что у неё есть. И ещё пизда, и ей нравится член, по тёте, ей очень нравится член её мужа – моего Отчимака, я тоже видела хуй Отчима, только я была слишком мала понять всю красоту. И отца я никогда не видела, – хуя отцовского не видела, чтобы сравнить. Отчим избивал Мать, меня,собак, своих собсвенных детей, своего отца, свою мать, своих братьев, мою бабушку Агриппину Аграфену, моего дедушку Якова, мою тётю Людмилу выкинул из дома и других людей. Отчим избивал мать, – они без этого не могли кончить. Не кончают точно, пока Мать не станет Жертвой.

Так я и умерла в 4.5 года и таскаюсь со своим гробиком по-свету.

В моих 23 года Отчим мне пожелал с белыми от злобы глазами, тихо-тихо так, – да ты сдохни и чтобы Мать не узнала где.

29-12-1999 just before my 24 years old, я ёбнулась с вертолётом и с пилотом в Гуаделупе. Спасла себя и пилота, – спасибо джунглям и лианам. Пилоту отрезали правую ногу и мошонку всю. Я нас тащила до дороге, вертолёт сгорел в лианах. Все думали мы где-то partying. Привезли в госпиталь for crack users, really sad situation of those kind hospitals in Guadeloupe. ‘Cause we had no papers and unrecognisible in coma. I had eleven stitches and a crack in skull, around pilot read above. Pilot lives and his family granted me hundred gran for being a heroine.

thank ee my dear Stepfather keep your wishes inside of me Mother. You have build your family on me bones, go ahead goody luchky to your perfect family.


Toxy CY


Al_Jeekree and Toxy in a car.

Al in doubt
– Toxy, you schmack, and shmack, you triple smac, counia manman’w, godverdomme, nizutapeye, can you stop spitting on … whatever you are spitting on?! Carnival, que guapo, uniform is their fetish, man.

T reacts in slow pace, – Wha?!


Poison them all Tox, poison ’em all.

T opens car’s door and in a soft voice.

You lil post-shrink! Let’s take a walk.



There is life and there is a screen. And after so many decades you finally see the ars of Brangelina, pardon both Angelina, what the rest of the name?, – in a movie of some Russian film director, – and her ass so disappointing.

You sit with your ars down, on minute 59 her ass appears, congrats. We waste for a pussy close up. And why she is an actor? Can Hol tell us what the fock?

XXI century no secrets, nothing is sacred.


Kali Yuga,





Η πίστη μου στην ανθρωπότητα κάθε μέρα μειώνεται.

ab kaloo aaeiou rae

Now, the Dark Age of Kali Yuga has come.

Kali Yuga at its high times, goals like a refrigerator, – a full one for sure,  –  does it sound sexy to you? Welcome to protozoan club.  And all these obsessions around the body are also ZO disappointing.  Protozoan’s life is in the air, have this, have that. No tits – draw them. Shape your vagina, shave this, shave that. When you have ALL THAT shaved and a sun tan, – you go to SUCH places, with the VIP’s shitheads. And that is all what all want – be VIP or be with the VIP.  Protozoan calls that ILLUMINATI. Who, the bankers are illuminati? For god’s sake.

I thought a diamond is my brain, like a diamond in a coil, – once you dig for your diamond, – it will shine, – I had that crazy idea from my childhood.  My brain is a diamond in a coil and I dig for it. The only diamond I digged for the whole my life.

Kali Yuga makes me sad and hopeless. Talk to the people around you, WHAT IS THAT LANGUAGE of discounts, lawyers, sheisse language of politics and oikonomologists, bookkeepers and bankers. Language is divine and sacred, as my diamond in ma head is divine and sacred. As water, light, Hestia and food is divine and sacred.

The attributes of Kali Yuga, the rulers will wave the balls στολισμένα με τα διαμάντια επάνω τα κεφάλια μας.  trumps, putins, ergodans are the rulers of the world? My World is ruled by banks? Gurus are not anymore respected.  Protozoan rules, only penises and vaginas on its feet, no guts, no brain.

Τα πρωτόζωα είναι υποσύνολο των μονοκύτταρων ευκαρυωτικών οργανισμών, πολλά από τα οποία είναι κινητικά.  Thank you Wik. 

Τα πρωτοζώων έχουν αυτόβουλη κίνηση, as trumps, putins, erdogans,  kim jong-uns, tsiprakia and the rest the prtozoan that want my respect and yours too.

I better die homeless, penniless on the street, without a full refrigerator than I see diamond’ balls waving above me head.  Kunja mamao.

Jah bless One Love

ore the diamonds balls and chain.


Raining raining raining… Raining for ours, for days, for a month.

Lately the news are so unclear and uninspiring that it is better not to follow them at all. Though it is difficult everybody just criticizing again and making

FUN of the new government that was elected by the people.

As usual, as thousands years ago.

All that really block me,

bad weather,

bad politics,

humor about politics.

I have living-life block. Je suis une flâneuse.

A drifter.

Glamorous meaning of the past,

leisure , the idler, the urban explorer, the connoisseur of the street.

 free. I feel least free than ever. Chained by the thoughts

 feelings chain of an Austrian soldier chained to his cannon in the WWI.

deaf deaf lately, self-analyzing

 pain and sorrow.  society. Depressing? As hell!

 hell of loneliness and despair of facade-less burger-shops, museums,

access WiFi ,  warm , no need to communicate with anybody.

Faceless, tasteless, timeless spaces.

My tongue travels and tastes the word with a relish LO -NE – LI (front teeth) –

NE (upper gum) –

SS (loneliness hisses at me).

Welcome to my ΟΙΚΟΥΜΕΝΗ


did I really wrote it?


Women from all over the world, including Africa, are feeling like V-Day is only interested in making inroads off of the backs of other women  and is not actually interested in amplifying the work that has already been happening. This is very much colonial and racist behavior. The aim remains ostensibly the same: to foster a space in which women can, in Gloria Steinem’s words, “[say] the unsayable”.  I can name cunt whatever whenever I want.